Theresa May Faces Triple Brexit Questions as She Runs Out of Moves

The U.K.’s main opposition Labour Party predicted Theresa May will have to accept a customs union with the European Union as the price for getting her Brexit deal ratified in Parliament.

“I think pragmatically, they potentially may have no option in order to push this deal through,” Labour’s business spokeswoman, Rebecca Long-Bailey, told BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday when asked about her party’s Brexit negotiations with the government. “It has to be a deal that protects our economy, and we’re not moving on that.”

Cross-party talks on a Brexit compromise started at the beginning of April after May failed for a third time to persuade the House of Commons to accept the divorce agreement she negotiated with Brussels. A person familiar with the prime minister’s thinking said Tuesday she wants a conclusion one way or another next week. Long-Bailey, who has taken part in the negotiations, described them as “positive” and a “two-way street.”

May will face sustained questions about her Brexit strategy in both public and private meetings Wednesday, as she begins to run out of possible moves.

As well as her weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session at midday London time, she will have a further 90-minute hearing in front of parliamentary committee chairs at 3 p.m., and at some point in the afternoon is due to meet selected members of her Cabinet to discuss where things go next.

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